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There are many betting strategies you can find on the internet but are they really working? The most important thing is to find out what is working best for you and follow it strictly. In the following paragraphs, we will explain how you can be successful in the field of sports betting and how to use the knowledge in your favour. We will also reveal the coming points:

  • Betting knowledge
  • Strategies about betting
  • Sure Bets
  • Value bets

Betting Knowledge

Before you start betting, you must be sure that you know what you are doing. Betting is not for everyone but if you know the sports and the terminology you will have a significant chance to win some decent cash.


The most famous market among the bettors is the money line or how it is also called 1×2. At some places, it might be 1/2 because there is no draw (in sports like tennis, volleyball etc). If you are following some teams and you know how their games will finish, you can simply use this betting option.


Maybe this is the most popular betting offer after the 1×2. Lots of players prefer betting on it because of the 50-50 chances of success. Again, you need to be careful about many factors including the pitch conditions and the outside weather.


There are two types of handicap – Asian and European. Most people prefer to play the Asian handicap because it is easier for calculating and it offers a wide range of bets and insurances. Though, the European handicap is pretty nice too because of the decent odds you can hit.

Other Betting Markets

There are many other betting markets that you must be aware of if you want to make winning single and combo bets. For example, the most important betting options are the double chance, half-time result, first goalscorer and even both teams to score.

Strategies About Betting

The most important strategy, if you want to win from betting, is not to play any matches at all. Though, if you want to try your luck, you can check the following tips and tricks:

  1. Double Your Bet – This is a strategy known for decades. Most players use it on different gambling games such as Blackjack and Roulette, but you can try it on sports events too such as Draws (in the football) or betting against the favourites (searching for the big odds). Every time you lose, double the bet and hope to get lucky.
  2. Bet on Dropping Odds – If the odds are dropping it means that something is happening in favour of the team which odds drop. Also, the betting markets where the odds start dropping means that people are playing it hard. In both cases, if you play on the dropping odds, you will have amazing chances to win.

Finally, you need to know that betting is a process that requires patience. If you do not have the patience or your nerves are not tough enough you better not bet on any matches at all.

Sure Bets

There are some bets that are called “sure” because they can provide you with a 100% chance for success. Actually, most sportsbooks are not tolerating these type of betting and they catch you, your account will be closed or limited. The best thing about the sure bets is the fact that you will bet on all markets and no matter what will happen you will be on a profit at the end.

Value Bets

We suggest our readers try this betting strategy because in our opinion it is among the most successful ones. You will need to check daily all odds comparison websites and search for higher than usual odds. This can bring you amazing profit, though winning is not 100% certain. Still, if you know the teams good, you can predict what the odds will be like. Seeing big odds where you know they must be smaller, can make your bet and win good money.

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